Eraya jewels are made up of fine 18k and 14k gold along with  diamonds and wide range of gemstones. We use white rhodium and black rhodium plating in some areas of the jewels to enhance the beauty of the design. Rhodium is a member of platinum family and is highly reflective and will also make the metal more scratch resistant. Please ask the customer care at for more details on our materials used.



1.Do not let your jewels come into contact with nail polish removers, creams, perfume or hairspray as they contain chemicals and might change the color of the jewelry. Keep your precious jewels always in the jewelry box provided. 

2. Lotions, soaps, skin oils alter the properties of gemstones and diamonds and make them look less brilliant. Clean your jewelry with warm and detergent free water and wipe with a soft lint free cloth.

3. Don't use harmful solutions. Chlorine or abrasives should never be used when cleaning diamond jewelry because it may loosen the prongs.

4. Chemicals like household cleaning fluids can create abrasions and color change and reduce the luster of the gold.

5. Some gemstones should not be exposed to sudden temperatures.

6. Diamonds can crack or chip near the edges in some settings of the jewelry if not taken good care of, as the edges are the weakest parts and more prone areas.

7. Avoid wearing the jewels while working out, at the  pool, housekeeping, at the beach, and gardening..

8. Pearls are the organic form gems hence, Pearl jewelry need good care as they can be easily affected by the chemicals.