Product images are subject to change without notice. All products are photographed & enhanced to show the details reasonably better. Some jewels may appear larger or smaller than their actual sizes, and are not shown to scale. The item descriptions are only  approximate dimensions. Also, all computer screens are not the same, colors and sizes of our jewels may differ. If you have any information regarding the size, color or any other physical aspect of a particular jewel, please contact us at info@erayadiamonds.com

All total carat weights provided are approximate weights and may vary within ± 10% of the carat weight. All of our rings are standard U.S. sizes.


We use 18k and 14k solid gold in 3 colors - white, yellow and rose. Our diamonds & precious stones are natural, conflict free & ethically sourced by our suppliers. Due to the natural state of the gemstones, no two jewels  look similar. These are not flaws and are not considered as a defect.


Our jewelry creation begin with a simple pencil sketch and from there, using CAD our final design is created. ERAYA Jewelry is meticulously handcrafted using "Lost-wax process" by our skilled artisans. We use white, yellow and black rhodium according to our design needs in our jewelry.

Materials used: Eraya jewels are made up of fine 18k and 14k gold along with  diamonds,pearls, wide range of precious stones and semi precious stones. We use white rhodium and black rhodium plating in some areas of the jewels to enhance the beauty of the design. Rhodium is a member of platinum family and is highly reflective and will also make the metal more scratch resistant. Please ask the customer care at customercare@erayadiamonds.com for more details on our materials used.


ERAYA DIAMONDS is required by law to charge sales tax for any orders shipped to an address within Texas only. Orders shipped outside of Texas are exempt from sales tax.


Prices shown on this website are current suggested retail prices. Prices are subject to change and ERAYA reserves the right to cancel an order due to any pricing errors.